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Sensei Emma Petrie – 3rd Dan – Cefn Cribwr Dojo

Sensei Emma Petrie began her Kyokushin training in 1991 at Garw Dojo under instructor Shihan Reg Boswell. Emma has also trained under Shihan Pete Kisby, Shihan Alwyn Health, Shihan Howard Collins, Shihan Grant Kinnard & Shihan Joe Claranino.

Emma gained her Shodan in 1999, Nidan in 2002 and Sandan 2008. Emma has been instructing since 1999 at Garw Dojo and is currently an instructor at Cefn Cribwr Dojo with her husband Sempai Rob Petrie and Sempai Peter Lane.

Emma has competed in numerous tournaments where she has been placed 1st in Knockdown, Clicker & Kata. Emma has represented Wales & Great Britain at National & International Levels from 1998-2008.

In 2004 Emma represented Great Britain in Australia and was placed 3rd in the Victorian Open Knockdown Middle Weight in Melbourne.

2005 Emma won the lightweight Swiss Open Knockdown beating the European Champion in under 15 seconds.

In 2010 Emma decided to pass her fighting knowledge onto others and took up coaching. Emma has coached the Welsh Knockdown, Clicker & Wuko teams taking both Junior and Senior teams to many tournaments in Great Britain & Europe.

Since 2008 Emma has regularly judged and refereed at tournaments.

Competition Achievement

1st Place – IKO (GB) Ladies Clicker 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

2nd Place – IKO (GB) Ladies Clicker 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999

2nd Place – BKK Regional Knockdown lightweight 2007

3rd Place – MOKKO Welsh Open Knockdown 2007

1st Place – IKO Wales Kata 2006

1st Place – Kyokushin Great Britain Knockdown (Matsui) 2006, 2005

2nd Place – IKKA Germany Knockdown 2006

1st Place – Swiss Open Knockdown (Shinkyokushin) lightweight 2005

2nd Place – WKGB Kata – 2005

3rd Place – WKGB Wuko - 2006

3rd Place – Victorian Open Knockdown Middleweight 2004

1st Place – IKO Wales Ladies Clicker 2004

1st Place – MOKKO GB Clicker 2003

3rd Place – IKO Wales Mixed Clicker 2003

2nd Place – MOKKO GB Knockdown Open Weight 2002, 1998

2nd Place IKO Wales Mixed Clicker 2002

2nd Place – MOKKO British Ladies Clicker 1999

1st Place – Wales Kyokushin (Matsui) Kata 1998

3rd Place – Wales Kyokushin (Matsui) Ladies Clicker 1998

2nd Place – IKO GB Ladies Clicker 1992

Represented IKO Wales v IKO England from 1998 to 2008

One of Emma’s proudest moments in Kyokushin was when she passed her Nidan, and Shihan Pete Kisby stated that she was the best he had ever witnessed during a black belt grading and he was looking forward to her doing her Sandan, quite a statement considering the number of black belt gradings Shihan Pete Kisby has conducted.