Independent Kyokushin Karate Union


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Sensei Paul Evans started training at the age of 10. Like Shihan Iain he started his karate training under Sensei Bernard Creton.

Sensei Paul has been training for  27 years and teaching for over 16 of those, he also has a background training in Kubudo traditional weapons.
Sensei Paul has coached individuals and teams to compete at national and European level with a number of students ranking 1st place in some of these events.

Sensei Paul open his Bridgend dojo in 2000, this dojo continues to thrive under his leadership.

Sensei Paul has  competed in many clicker and kata tournaments over the years, some of his achievements are listed below:

  1. 1997 - WKKDKJK Senior High grade 1st place.

  2. 1996 - KKDKJK - 1st Place.

  3. 1992 - BKDKJK - 2nd Place.

  4. 1991 - BKDKJK - 3rd Place.

  5. 1990 - Welsh Karate Federation - 1st place

Sensei Paul is the Branch Head for Wales for the IKKU.