Independent Kyokushin Karate Union



Shihan Iain has been training since the 1980's, traning at that time under Sensei (now Kancho) Bernard Creton.

Shihan Iain has fought in many knockdown tournaments over the years and competed at a high level in both Kumite & Kata, placing in the top three many times.

In early 1997 Shihan Iain (then a 2nd dan) attempted and completed a 100 man kumite test.

After many years as the assistant instructor in Cardiff, in 1997 Shihan Iain opened his first dojo in Caerphilly, South Wales. The dojo became well established with over forty members.

After returning to his native Scotland in 2002, Shihan Iain opened dojos in Oban & Lochgilphead in Argyll, these dojos continue to flourish.

Shihan Iain organises a beach training session in Scotland each year and has hosted the Scottish Open Knockdown Tournament since 2010.

Shihan Iain is the Assistant Chief Instructor and a founder member of the IKKU.